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Hey Mama, What's Your Superpower?

One morning last week, I had a rare, quiet moment to myself. A quiet moment, interrupted by my kiddos screams... "Spider, MAMA.... SPIDER!"

I ran in to the room where my kids were playing, and without a second thought, smashed the spider with my bare hand. I am deathly afraid of spiders!

This was not the first time my mama superpowers were kicked in to high gear, and it got me thinking, what are my fellow Super-Mom's superpowers? I asked the amazing mamas of the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe and CSC Mommy Blogger Tribe, what their superpowers are, and they replied:

"I carry two children and groceries while talking on the phone!" - Lara Scott, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe.

"My mommy superpower is, I am never not doing laundry. Cooking dinner? Also doing laundry. Putting kiddos to bed? Also doing laundry. Out for drinks with friends? Still doing laundry. On a fabulous tropical vacation? Somehow also still doing laundry." - Kate Woodruff Felton, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"I have cat like reflexes... mama runs to the rescue before he digs through the trash, colors the walls, eats something he’s not supposed to...etc." - Sarah Bockstahler, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy super power is affection. My children love it when I give a warm hug or kiss." - Natalie Heatley, CSC Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My superpower is letting my kids think they are in control. My other superpower is being able to live in denial." - Rosie Hong, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"I am able to play Monster Trucks and Princesses at the same time including their voices!" - Rachelle Lennox, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"I use one hand for everything! The other one is always holding something or someone." - Renata Mentor Medeiros, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Carrying 45lb twins up a flight of stairs." - Shaina Michelle, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy super power is my patience. As a former teacher I’ve gotten really good at being patient with my toddler... I just wish I had the same patience for adults." - Carey Shofner, CSC Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Healing bumps and bruises with words (and sometimes band aids)" - Marie Clark, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Knowing exactly what they are doing anywhere in the house just off sound alone, day or night." - Raquel Harbin, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Feeding a squirming toddler, engaging my husband in conversation, listening to my teenager and eating my own dinner...all at the same time." - Maya Gutierrez, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Knowing the moment my kids start to fight an illness off.” - Amy Chesler, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My super power: knowing exactly what song to sing just as a tantrum is about to happen. (I’m not the best singer. lol)" - Roxy Jimenez, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Knowing where every toy and cup was last left when they ask me "Mommy where's my -everything possible you can think of?" - J.S. Lewis, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Knowing how my daughter is going to react to every situation." - Becca Shuster, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy superpower is I have all this energy to keep up and go everywhere with my super energetic 7-year-old and don't know where it comes from." - Monica Villa, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"When they were first learning to talk, knowing exactly what they were saying or asking for." - Ravelle Worthington, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"When they are looking for a toy and use one word.

Kids: mom where’s the hook.

Me: oh the one on Rocky’s recycling truck?

And I know where all the toys are including the ones that manage to make it under the couch." - Vanessa Barrios-DeGiacomo, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Using my best instincts. Mommy always knows when something is not right." - Danica Leo, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Mine is having fun and knowing how to get at their level." - Laura Slump Kyttanen, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy superpower is my ability to know where everything in our home is located at any given moment. I live with a whole grown man and a 9 year old who just happen NOT to know where anything is. So I use my superpower more than I like." - Cecily Lewis, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My super powers are being the calm within a storm, an example of grace and self love. In addition, as a student, I hope to instill a love and passion for continuous improvement." - Shauna Earl, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"I am a rockstar at reading books out loud and teaching my kids to dance whenever the desire strikes." - Erika Cruz Sindhuphak, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mama super power is navigating common core math." - Melissa Abeyta, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy super power is knowing when she’s about to ask me for a snack before she asks. She always says “how did you know I was going to ask for a snack?”" - Stephany Brown, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Swatting flies. The quick flick of the wrist comes in handy during the summer!" - Samantha Kuhr, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"I am able to play Monster Trucks and Princesses at the same time including their voices!" - Rachelle Lennox, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My super power is research, especially and currently with food allergies!" - Kelly Short, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mommy power is adapting to each little ones need in seconds." - Ericka Costanos, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Knowing it before it happens!" - Kathy Copcutt, LA Mommy Blogger Tribe

"Superpower! Ha ha... yelling. Just Kidding. Multitasking!" - Karolina Hobson, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

"My mama superpower is being the lie detector and honing the death stare!" - Tracie Rosales, SD Mommy Blogger Tribe

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She is the creator and author of the Sweet P and Sky blog, and lives in Los Angeles with the love of her life, Mr. Craig Holliman, and their two little boys, Princeton aka Sweet P, and Skyler aka Sky.

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